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Nurturing Women Psychology

At Nurturing Women Psychology we provide support and counselling services to women in need of nurture at any stage of their life. This includes a special emphasis on perinatal mental health and well-being, and the life-changing journey to motherhood.

About me
Tanya Bowe – Psychologist

I am a registered psychologist and the Director of Nurturing Women Psychology.

As a mother I understand the challenges of being a parent. Shortly after the birth of my first daughter I soon realised that regardless of who you are and where you’re from, being a mother is tough and that motherhood binds women together regardless of our differences.

My Vision

Through my own experiences I was inspired to create Nurturing Women Psychology and it is my vision to:
• work closely with women during pregnancy and the postnatal period to maintain or improve psychological wellness
• provide a safe counselling space for women to talk openly and confidentially
• provide an opportunity for women to come together therapeutically and share their experiences during this beautifully challenging time

Perinatal support services

The ‘Perinatal Period’ is a significant period in any woman’s life, as with the birth of a child comes the birth of a mother.
Through conception, pregnancy, the birth experience, and the year after birth, women experience a range of emotions which can sometimes be difficult to manage as our bodies undergo significant physical and hormonal changes.
Motherhood is a multitude of many different emotions. Some describe it as all-encompassing love and others describe it as the most terrifying experience of their life. One thing most of us can agree is that it’s not easy.
If you are experiencing any uncomfortable emotions such as feelings of sadness, uncertainty, excessive worry or distressing thoughts, it can help to talk to a professional.

You may also wish to contact us to talk about:

• decisions about a current pregnancy
• anxiety about the birth (or previous birth trauma)
• concerns about adjusting to being a parent
• unfulfilled expectations about pregnancy or parenthood
• confidence about parenting ability
• unresolved issues from one’s own past/childhood
• relationship changes in the perinatal period
• general feelings of anxiety and/or depression

Appointments available at Ashgrove & Stafford

To book call/sms 0405 205 066 or email tanya.bowe@outlook.com.au

Medicare and private health fund rebates available

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