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Mums and Bubs Mondays – Haven Beauty Bar – Morningside

Brisbane Mums welcome to the Original Mums and Bubs Mondays. Haven Beauty Bar is a local Salon and we want you and Bub to join us on Mondays to cover all your Skin, Body and Beauty needs.
We know how difficult it can be organising a sitter/someone to watch baby when trying to make an appointment. We also know that their can be a lot of judgement out there for Mums who do take their babies with them.

At Haven Beauty Bar we don’t mind if baby is sleeping, cries, plays, screams… we just want to make sure you are comfortable.

You will be in your own private room big enough for Bubs Pram or capsule.

Have we got your interest? If so check out our webpage: www.havenbeautybar.com.au

We’d love to see you soon!

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