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‘Act for Mason’ BRISBANE PROTEST – Wed, 9 Nov @ 11am

We need as many people as possible to attend and attract the Government’s attention to have ‘Mason Jet Lee’s Law’ passed!

Mason Lee’s death was horrific to say the least. What is acutely concerning is the fact that he could have been saved.

Mason was known to the Child Safety Department up to 10 months prior to his death. After his admission into hospital in Feb 2016 and a report given to Child Safety about his obvious signs of physical and sexual abuse, he was not seen to by a Child Safety Officer and continued to suffer until his death is June 2016. We had an opportunity to save Mason when he entered a medical facility, yet the proper process was not in place to protect him.

The petition for ‘Mason Jet Lee’s Law’ has received 30,000 plus signatories to date. It has been tabled in Parliament, but is yet to be passed. We cannot comprehend the delay whilst 1,200 other cases like Mason’s have been closed and are subject to the same system failing them. We need to keep pushing government to act swiftly and put this law in place. As the governments currency is people and numbers, we need as many people as possible to attend this event to make an impact.

‘Act for Mason’ are calling for bi-partisan support within Queensland government to legislate ‘Mason Jet Lee’s Law’ which proposes that: No child who is referred by a doctor as having sustained injuries intentionally inflicted or sexual in nature will be sent home until a full investigation is completed. These children will be treated in the same manner as a 000 phone call: A LIFE AT RISK, and will be treated as a priority emergency.

We believe that giving medical staff authority to ONLY report abuse cases to the Child Safety Department when it is already so heavily under resourced, is just NOT good enough. This is why ‘Mason Jet Lee’s Law’ is so important and will be a step in the right direction to prevent this from happening again.

Having MASON JET LEE’S LAW in place, will enforce that the Department of Child Safety keep up with the demand enforced by medical professionals. The hospitals will be a reliable safety check point for abused children until Child Safety fulfil their requirements to conduct a full investigation.


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